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Since our inception in 2012, the strategic intelligence we provided has been highly appreciated by clients worldwide.
Their feedback praised the outstanding level of our reports and our expertise.
We have already seen a number of repeat customers, distinguishing the uniqueness and quality of our reports.

Below is what some of our clients are saying.


“We appreciated that MEDraysintell nuclear medicine report is comprehensive and gives a worldwide view of the nuclear medicine market’s current situation and evolution, with a special focus on therapy, which has been neglected for long time in molecular nuclear medicine reports in the past. For somebody new in AAA, it has been a very good starting point in clarifying a shared vision of the nuclear diagnostic and therapeutic markets. It allowed new staff to get a global view on the situation but also to deep dive into each radionuclide, radiopharmaceuticals, companies, etc... We would recommend this report and would use MEDraysintell service again if need be.”


Stefano Buono
Chairman and CEO
Advanced Accelerator Applications USA, Inc.
New York, NY, USA

“MEDraysintell report on proton therapy is unique, no other reports was able to bring that level of expertise in such a niche but growing market. We appreciate the fact that it has been written by experts, who are responsive and coming from that very specific industry.
This comprehensive report provide us with strategic insights about the proton therapy world that is helping us understand the market as we are developing the next generation proton therapy systems for cancer treatment. I’m waiting for the next edition.”

Nicolas Serandour
Chief Financial Officer
Advanced Oncotherapy plc
London, UK

"As a new comer in the radiopharmaceutical world, I really adopted this report as a crash course to Nuclear Medicine. I could find easily all needed informations to get a good grasp of this fascinating market: business insights, technical aspects and future outlooks. I certainly recommend it to anyone, familiar or not, who wants to understand what Nuclear Medicine will look like tomorrow." 

Ludwig Camusot
Chief Executive Officer
Camel-IDS NV
Brussels, Belgium

"I have another target we are looking at, XYZ. Would you be able to compile me a similar dossier as for ABC? The one of yesterday was really excellent.”

Dr. Andreas Eckert
Chief Executive Officer
Eckert & Ziegler AG
Berlin, Germany

"Paul-Emmanuel wrote a full world market review for one of the market we were interested in. When it was done and I showed it to some industry insiders, they were very impressed by the level and excellence of the information.”

Dr. Edgard Löffler
Chief Executive Officer
Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG
Belgium, Germany

"For the first time we have access to a third party report addressing our specific market. This becomes an additional input to our internal market analysis which will eventually help shaping our road map and strategy. The Cyclotrons report presents quite detailed data both in terms of equipment types as well as relevant regional dynamics and data. We are happy to recommend this report to anyone acting in the field of medical cyclotrons and it is highly likely we will purchase future reports from MEDraysintell”.

Erik Strömqvist
General Manager, Cyclotrons & TRACERcenter,
Uno Zetterberg
Global Sales Director
GE Healthcare
Uppsala, Sweden

"There are a variety of reports that purport to review the nuclear medicine market. However, the MEDraysintell nuclear medicine report is by far the single most comprehensive report with a worldwide view of the current and near-term projected market situation. It contains detailed information regarding radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals, past, present and future, both for diagnostic and therapeutic uses. In the months since we purchased the report, I have reached for it almost every day in response to requests for information. It has truly become my “bible” for information on medical radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals. I highly recommend this report.” 

Ira N. Goldman
Director, Strategic Product Supply
and Government Relations
Lantheus Medical Imaging
N. Billerica, MA, USA

"In the pharmaceutical and biotech industries we are used to consult market reports that are focused on a specific disease, and assess multiple technologies and products/projects only within that space. The MEDraysintell nuclear medicine report, on the other side, is focused on a specific technology and covers its multiple applications – whether diagnostic or therapeutic - across all indications/diseases. This is a diverse and healthy perspective, as Nuclear Medicine is a somewhat special discipline that deserves its own space. I found the MEDraysintell report very thorough, actually the most thorough review of competitive projects in this field. The report helped us clarify specific features of competitive projects and will be a useful companion as we refine our development and commercialization strategies moving forward. It provides great value for money and I would recommend it to other colleagues who operate in this field."

Marco G. Renoldi
Chief Operating Officer
Nordic Nanovector ASA
Oslo, Norway

"The reports on ‘Opportunities in Brachytherapy, Edition 2014’ and ‘Opportunities in Nuclear Medicine, Edition 2014 and Update’ were very useful to assist NTP in gaining a better understanding of the markets and products of interest as they covered the subject matter in great depth and breadth. Importantly, the reports have helped NTP to make various business and marketing decisions and to gain a deeper insight into the subject matter and industry role players. The graphical presentations of facts and figures are excellent and useful, especially for the purposes of presenting strategic information within the company at executive level. The layout of the reports as well as the way they are indexed makes for easy access to data of interest and the reports have become widely consulted within our organization, testimony to their usefulness. NTP recommends the products that it has thus far acquired from MEDraysintell and looks forward to an ongoing relationship with them."

Piet Louw
Executive Manager
NTP Radioisotopes SOC Ltd.
Pretoria, South Africa

"The MEDraysintell report on Nuclear Medicine is unique, especially the level of detail on aspects such as medical applications, production and pricing, as well as issues and trends which exceeded my expectations. Despite the respectable volume of this report (nearly 1000 pages!) it is very easy to look up specific items…and I keep on using it as a reference, as there's such a wealth of information! The report adds value to our own activity as I need to have up-to-date market data in order to make sound recommendations regarding some of our center's strategic directions. The report was instrumental in reaching that goal. I strongly recommend this report to others.”

Paul De Keyser
Business Development Advisor
Mol, Belgium

"With his Proton Therapy report MEDraysintell has given the industry eyes and ears. When these data were not available in the past, people were more or less making up their own numbers. The report is a must-read for market participants and investors, and I am looking forward to an annual update.”

Jan Timmer
Head of Marketing-Particle Therapy
Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA, USA

  “The Proton Therapy reports is an exhaustive compilation of information about the proton therapy market. We purchased the report from 2012 as well as the 2015 Edition, with a lot of new insights and future outlook. The report reflects an independent view on this, rather new, market. It helped us in finalizing our business plan by supporting our hypotheses with data. Some information is already available on the internet, but this report saves you a lot of time and will certainly be an added value. I would recommend to buy this report for people entering the world of proton therapy.”

Geert Bosmans, PhD
Project Director
Zuid-Oost Nederland Protonen Therapie Centrum
Maastricht, The Netherland

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